• Benefits of MLS® for Owners

    Greater exposure of your property in the market

    The MLS® is based on the collaboration of all real estate professionals to sell or rent a property. Therefore, when you give your property to an ACOBIR real estate broker you will be assured that the information will be shared and will have the entire real estate community working to get you a buyer or tenant, generating a greater exposure in the market of Your property.

    Representation of a Real Estate Broker and Guarantee of Professional Management

    The MLS® allows you to have an ACOBIR real estate agent who represents you and acts on your behalf throughout the entire process involving the sale or rental of your property. You only make the deal with an ACOBIR real estate broker but you have a whole association working at your service.

    Reports and Statistics

    The MLS® generates different reports and statistics that facilitate the determination of the price of a property. These reports will allow you to identify and evaluate market trends, which will help you in making decisions. Database of Reliable Selling Prices and Market Transparency.

    The MLS® generates a database of sale prices of properties, this serves to evaluate the price that the market is willing to pay for a property with similar characteristics, providing transparency and dynamism to the market. You will be assured that the sales price assigned to your property corresponds to the real value that the market is willing to pay for such a property.

  • Benefits of MLS® for Buyers

    Information Consolidation

    Buyers (customers) will be able to access only a reliable and secure source of information, which is backed by ACOBIR. MLSACOBIR.com consolidates the entire Panamanian real estate offer. Buyers will be able to search properties as they currently do on different internet sites but without duplication of information, and will be able to contact a real estate broker who has the guarantee and security of ACOBIR.

    The Biggest Real Estate Offer at your service

    The MLS® guarantees access to the largest real estate offer in Panama as it consolidates all the properties in a single database. Whether you are looking to buy or rent a property, using the MLS® you will have access to a wide variety of properties with the most market information, making it easy to find the ideal property.

    Representation of a Real Estate Broker and Guarantee of Professional Management

    Buying or renting a property is a long and complicated process in which time is invested and different people are involved. Do not spend more time and money searching for the dream property, contact one of ACOBIR's specialized real estate brokers, who will be your agent acting for your benefit throughout the purchase or rental process. You will not have to be working with different people, but everything will be channeled through a single representative, who is a professional trained and accredited by ACOBIR and who will act in your favor.

    Transparency and Market Safety

    The MLS® has a database of property sale price history so the buyer can determine the price that the market is willing to pay for a particular property. This gives dynamism and transparency to the market.

    Agent Specialization

    The MLS® business model makes it possible for real estate brokers to work either with sellers (owners) or buyers (customers) only, depending on their competitive abilities.

    Representation of an Independent Agent

    The MLS® business model makes it possible for both the buyer (seller) and the seller (owner) to be represented throughout the sale process by an ACOBIR member real estate broker whom they know and trust. This creates confidence and security in the market and facilitates the negotiations that lead to a sale.

    Statistics and Reports

    The MLS® database has extensive and detailed records of the different properties listed and sold and from which different reports and statistics can be generated that help identify market trends and provide the appropriate information for decision making. These reports and statistics provide the professional real estate with greater tools that make their work a more efficient and professional work.

    Implementation of Computer Tools

    The presence of an MLS® database makes it easier to bring information technology in the process of buying and selling a property. Therefore ACOBIR real estate brokers using the MLS® will have access to maps, forms, automated emails, mailing lists, leads tracking, appointment schedules, and similar support tools that improve the quality and efficiency of their services.

  • MLS® Benefits for Brokers

    The Commission assures

    The MLS® publishes multiple listings, which guarantee through a contractual obligation to pay a commission to the ACOBIR member real estate broker listing the property and to the ACOBIR member real estate broker who sells the property. This contractual obligation generates a win-win business model, which encourages real estate brokers to collaborate with each other, generating greater exposure to the property market. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Replica Watches

    Transparency and Agility in Selling Properties

    Because the MLS® obliges its users to report in a timely and accurate manner the price at which a property was sold, a history of prices per property is generated, becoming a tool to evaluate the value that the market is willing to pay for A similar property.

    By counting the MLS® with a price history you can easily monitor the price that the market is paying for a particular property. This provides transparency to the market as those properties whose price is higher than the market price can not be sold easily, forcing the price to be corrected.

    Security in the market is easier to achieve if sellers can easily determine the true value of their properties and buyers easily compare the prices they are asking for similar properties.

    Increase Business Opportunities

    The MLS® method formalizes the collaboration between members of the association committing them to work in a team, in an orderly manner and following the codes of ethics that govern the method. In this way, more business opportunities are generated by sharing a common property inventory.